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worked better and made the work even faster.

Aside from cutting circles, the RT-87 also cuts arcs. I imagine this jig would be ideal for cutting accurate rockers for rocking chairs.

For those of you who have to cut circles and arcs only occasionally, there is a less expensive, lighter-duty model-the RCT-101. The RT-87 can cut diameters from 9xh in. to 9 ft. (and any radius in between). The RCT-101 can cut a diameter from

sliding around on top of your car. Either solution is dangerous. The Timber Tote is a set of hangers that you can suspend from the passenger window and trunk of your car. The padded hangers cradle your wood and protect your car from scratches. When not in use, the set of hangers fits together neatly, so you can store them in the trunk of your car. The Timber Tote comes with rope for securing your lumber. (Price: $24.97) ■ Jupiter Products Inc., Dept. AWT, P.a Box 4367, Centerline, MI 48015, (313) 354-3339.

11 in. to an unlimited upper diameter. (You can extend the bars with threaded gas pipe.) For circles with the smaller diameters, you can also use the jig to cut out accurate templates. (Price: RT-87. $295.00; RCT-101, $135.95)

■ Success Engineering a>id Manufacturing, Dept. AWT, P.Q Box 25648, 9418 Dorothy Ae, Clewland, OH 44125,(216-883-1200).

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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