Barnsley, Edward: bookcase by, 15 home of, 7 influence of, 14—15 Barnslev, Ernest, influence of, 10-12,

13-14 Barnslev, Sidney:

buffer by, 6

chest of drawers by, 13 influence of, 10-12, 13-14 tables by, 8, 14 Beds:

queen-sized, 33 with slats and corbels, 162-63 Berkeley Mills, cabinet by, 32 Biscuit joinery, finishing over, 66 Bits, lock-miter, 134 Bookcases:

battlement motif for, 21 contemporary, 16—17 Cotswold, 14, 15 wavy-edged fumed-oak, 48—51 Brackets:

Chinese, 22, 24-25 designing, 26—27 for mantels, 126-27, 130-31 Brass, ammonia-fuming,, 155 Breadboard ends: for doors, 82-85 after Greene and Greene, 25-26, 86-90

splines for, exposed, 25—26 with substrate, 60 Brown, Robert E., tall boy by, 154—55 Buffets, Gothic oak, 6

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