Bookcase Makes Waves

I finally got fed up crying to fit those big I art and architecture books on shallow 1 shelves meant to hold navels. That's why I made the shelves of my freestanding bookcase with serpentine fronts and graduated spacing see the photo at left . The design is reminiscent of the CTalisman style, especially when made in while oak and fumed with ammonia, as I did.

The case has precise-fitting joints and subtle edge treatments, and though they give the piece a hand-crafted look, the router was the chief tool used. It was indispensable for shaping the shelves, forming tenons and mortising. Templates keep the muting consistent and accurate, and they speeded the whole process.

SERPENTINE-FRONT SHELVES OFFER A GRACEFUL WAY TO HOLD BOOKS. Although Vogt designed this bookcase so it looks hand-crafted, much of the work is done with a router and templates. The straight components and mortise-and-tenon joinery of the ends, combined with the fumed-oak finish, give the piece a Craftsman flavor.

TUSK-TENONS MAKE THE BOOKCASE EASY TO DISASSEMBLE. and because the wedges can be re-tightened at anytime, the joinery makes for a strong connection of the shelves to the ends.


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