Fillers, Bondo, 67 Finger joints, fake, 66 Finishes:

aged, 27, 130-31 ammonia-fumed, 51, 136—39 appropriate, 32—33 exterior, wiping varnish, 95 for fumed oak, 139 interior, shellac, 95. 103

lacquer, 67, 119 milk paint. 103 od. 47, 115. 127, 139 oil-beeswax. 42, 55 oil-polvurethane. 42 oil-polvurethane-beeswax. 55 oil-turpentine. 103 oil-\.irnish. 108 shellac. 103

Stiddev. updated. 31-32 Frame and panel: for backs. 77 for diesis. 9". 100-101 cow cuts for. 98-102 for mantel, 124-26

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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