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Building an Arts-and-Crafts Sideboard (Part i)

W hen 1 was asked to build a sideboard that had a Greene and Greene feel 10 _ ^ it, I decided to use an original piece as a springboard for mv own interpretation. But I wanted to do more than just copy something designed in the early IcXX)s by these famous brothers.

I tried to soak up as much visual information on the style as I could. I pored over designs of the Greene brothers and their contemporaries. Then I closed all the books and sat down at the drawing board. What I came up with is more contemporary and less ornate than the Greenes' work see the photo below . This sideboard, made of Honduras mahogany, had to work as a backdrop for my inlay work as well as have the overall grace of a Greene and Greene piece. I didn't want it to dominate a room.

It's mind-boggling how many pieces, joints and cuts are in this sideboard. The kev to successful completion of this project

Sideboard End Assembly

Detail: End Joinery

Construction of this sideboard begins *ith the two end assemblies, Lower side rail tenons are the same as the upper side rail tenons except that they re not haunched.

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