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TEMPLATES AND A ROUTER HANDLE SHAPING AND MORTISING. Vogt made a plywood master template so he could form the shelves, complete with tenons, using a straight router bit and a rub collar. The other templates are for shaping the slats, mortises and wedges.

down. The shelf" stock is 13 in. wide by 72 in. long. The shelves .ire in. thick and the top and ends are > in. thick.

Routing with Tim plates

Because the router vWs th< lion's share of work in the btwkcase, maki a good master template for it out of plywood see the photo at left). I 'se the template to rout top and shelves to final shape, position the shelves to rout tenons and align the holes and grooves for the posts and dowels. The template is also a convenient surface for drawing full-scale profiles of* the case ends, help to la\ out tlu I»

The shelves and top The top i the same length as the shelves including their tenons . but it is in. wider. Handsaw these parts just overst/e, and trim them to final size with the template and a flush-trimming mutt ¡ bu. ¡ froi '

climb cut go with the bit rotation when advancing the router uphill on the curved front edges. Finish the curves using a spoke-shave and scrapers.

You can leave the shelf tenons full thickness. or vou can cut Ji-in.-decp shoulders as shown in thi drawing on p. 4" i reduce the section as it passes through the end frames. With a straight bit and an offset auxiliary base, waste the tenon cheeks, working from the end toward the shoulder, being carefiil not to tilt the router. Next make the holes for the shell supports bi positioning the template on the undersidi of the shelf. Mark the square holes, and drill or saw them out. leaving a small amount for the router to trim with 1 guide bu ind .

straight bit. Inserts see the top photo on p. 51 keep the bit from following the dowel groove* during this operation. When the squares are cut out. remove the spacers, and rout thi dowel grooves. \ m the shelves and top can be planed, scraped and sanded, and the edges rounded over.

The end frames and slats I

frames consist of stiles and rails joined bv mortises and tenons. Pairs of vertical slats fill the three frame openings on each side. After you've cut all the end-frame pieces to size, clamp the frames together, and rout and chisel stopped dadoes on the inside for the shelves. The rails contact the shelves' through-tenons t< ind bottom on tin outside, and the dadoes receive the shelves on the inside.

Actually, the dadoes are rabbets at the inner edges of the rails. The depth and width of the dadoes must be precise so that the shelves will fit tightly and the rusk tenons will be under tension from their wedges. To waste thi rail tenons that enter thi end stiles, tin lsure back from the front suU edges to determine where the tenons pass through. Then saw awav the waste. Leave enough room for the tenons to expand side to side.

Instead of cutting shouldered tenons tor the slats. I housed them in mortises routed with a template. I used another template to lorm the slats I rounded over tl slat edges to match the radius of the mortises. After the slats have been cut to length, scraped and s indi d. I clamp the frames with slots, and test-fit the shelves.

The posts and dowels Make tlu slightly smaller than their holes; the posts' edges are rounded to march the radii of the corners of the holes. Hold the posts next to an end frame, and mark lines m the bottom edges of tlie shelves. Measure thi exact depth the dowel grooves will be and drill all the holes through the posts. It's best to use a drill press and stop blocks lor this.

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