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This drawing shows how the major parts of the carcase are joined. The kickers, the front rail and the plywood divider panels should not be glued into the case until drviders have been grooved for the drawer runners. That's covered on pp. 78-85.

ledger strips support bottom pieces and false bottoms Ledger strip du d to the front, rear, side and divider rails support the -in.-thick-plvwood bottom panels. I used biscuits to attach tht strip* to the rails. Then l.glui d and screwed tin I »itom panels to the ledger strips from below. The screw holes were plugged later and then sanded flush.

I included a tew hidden compartments as a little surprise for the client see the top right photo on p. 77 . When you push down on the rear of the bottom panel, it pivots up and reveals the hidden comparing :r. I lv\ eli d till r^ 11 I vli • fill-- bottom

6Vi in.

Mortise-and-tenon joints are pinned with nn.-dia, dowels and plugged with -4-»n.-sq. ebony plugs.

Mortise-and-tenon joints are pinned with nn.-dia, dowels and plugged with -4-»n.-sq. ebony plugs.

6Vi in.

Shower Tray Installation Concrete

Divisions do not include tenon 0' dovetail lengths.

Top rear rail (also bottom front and rear rails). 1 in. X in. X 66V* in.

Plywood bottoms. ^ In. thick, glued and screwed to bottoms of ledger strips f*ame-and-par»l back is r m. x 66Mi in.

•<"fn«jiate stiles are cneced on plywood awders.

mahogany pi>-wood

DivtOer rails, same thckne^ as plywood d V Ider, 7'h m. wide and 20H in. long

Plywood divider pane« are notched to fit around top rear rail and are flush agamst the frame of the back.

Ledger strips (except rean. 1, m. *. Is* In. SUa ledgers stop short of rear of case and are rounded over. Rear ledger strip is '4 in. $q.


False bottom of wn.-thick plywood tips up wtven pushed down at back.

Plywood divider panel stretcher details

Step radius « about the size of a nickel

An stretcher slots are ta In. wide.

Each step down <s


Divider rail


Bottom rear rail

Ptywood divider panel extends onto bottom rear rail V« in. flush agamst the 'rameof the back-

A jig lor centering grooves and dovetails

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