m MATERIALS Quartersawn white oak, ash, ebony, and Balkan gray marble.

Ammonia fuming, linseed oil and beeswax.

pulls arc made by Acorn Manufacturing (457 School St... Mansfield, MA 02048; 800-835-0121).

1 added a bottom shell because the sideboard would have looked top-heavy without it. The shelf also is functional, providing storage for table settings, books, bowls or other decorative items.

To offset the rectilinear look of the sideboard, I added distinct profiles to the skirtboard and the backsplash. The slightly rounded profile on the skirtboard was inspired by the designs of Harvey Edlis, who had worked for Gustav Stickley. Ellis revolutionized the Arts and Crafts style by adding flowing, natural curves to his furniture.

The backsplash design is a detail used in Arts and CrafLs architecture, especially in exterior trim over windows. What looks like

SMALL OVERHANGS DIDN'T LOOK RIGHT on this piece, so the maker took a page from Prairie-style architecture and made the overhangs big.

his sideboard, which also would serve quite well as a hall table, was originally made for consignment in a gallery fea-turing decorative arts and furniture. But my wife insisted that we keep it. So now it stands in our living room, below a quarter-sawn oak wall cabinet I made for her.

Quarters awn white oak, the dominant wood of the Arts and Crafts movement, was the obvious choice for this piece. The secondary wood is ash, used for the drawer guides and the drawer sides. The a curve is actually two lines that intersect in the center, with a slightly rounded peak.

The top of the sideboard is made of a wonderful marble called Balkan gray. Although its not an authentic Arts and

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