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Mantel Clock

HJBy daughter Isabel's seventh birthday iWl was ^asc approaching, and I wanted to

11 build her something special She had recently learned to tell time, so a clock seemed like the perfect way to mark the occasion. I designed the clock rn the Arts-and-Crafts style; it looks somewhat contemporary but still has a traditional feel (see the photo at left). The joinery is simple, just stub tenons and dadoes, most of which can be cut quickly on a router table and tables aw.

The clock consists of eight parts: the top, bottom and two sides, the middle shelf assembly, veneered panels for the face and back of the clock, and a door below die middle shelf. The clock is just a bit taller than 16 in. As a result, not a lot of wood is required to build it, and the planing, sanding and finishing don't take very long.

This clock is made of pear, which has a very mild grain that lets the clock's design dominate. A coarsely grained or heavily figured wood could overpower a clock of this size.

Use Router Table and Tablesaw for Joinery

The two sides of the clock are dadoed into the top, and the lower and middle shelves are dadoed to the sides, I routed these stopped dadoes as well as the grooves for the back panel and face panel on the router table. The dadoes are all % in. deep by % in. wide. I moved the router-table fence over a hair for the grooves, winch are just slightlv

Pear Mantel Clock

Simple joinery makes this small clock a quick buifd. Dadoes are Va in. wide and Va in. deep. Grooves for face panel and back panel are slightly wider to accept Vdn. plywood panels that have been veneered on one side.

Grooves and dadoes on the underside of the clock top accept tenons from the sides and the face and back panels.

Veneered face panel, JVa in. sq.


V2 in, radius

Groove for back panel

Groove for face panel

Hole for clock stem, 5Ae in. dia.

Setback, Va in

Dado for middle shelf assembly

Dado for lower shelf

Hole for chime rods IV4 in. dia.

Cutout for pendulum, 3 in. x IV4 in

Lower shelf, 23/a in. deep

Middle shelf

Side tapers from 3A in. at bottom to about xh in. at top.

Inlay strip, Vie in. thick wider to accommodate the face and back panels. I made these from K-in. birch plywood, veneering one side with quarters awn pear veneer. To ensure accurate, square cuts on the router table, I used a right-angle jig and cut no more than % in. deep per pass. With the tablesaw, I cut the corresponding stub tenons at the top of the case sides and on the ends of the lower and middle shelves. They were cut just a little wide and then fitted by hand.

I tapered the outside faces of the clock sides using a jack plane, raking the sides from % in. at the bottom to just under K in. at the

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