Morris Chair

Building Morris Chair

POWER IN SIMPLICITY. This reproduction Morris chair embodies simplicity and honest joinery in heavy timbers, virtues espoused by the chair's namesake, English Arts and Crafts pioneer William Morris.

% was first exposed to Mission style furni-i- ture about 10 years ago and was un-1 mediately struck by the beauty and simplicity of it. Most appealing to me was Gustav Stickleys reclining Morris chair. A massive yet graceful piece of furniture, it is a prime example of Stickleys beliefs that art should be found in the objects we use every day and that ornamentation and function should work together.

After studying pictures and articles, as well as a few authentic pieces, I set about building one lor myself. The chair's pleasures are simple: stout construction, elemental forms left unadorned. It seemed to me that the quality of die materials and the way they were handled were paramount. I chose quartersawn white oak and heavy leather.

The prominent through-tenons give the chair great strength and are a pleasure to see and touch. Where the tenons came through, I sanded the end grain carefully and gave it plenty of finish to make it. gleam.

The chair has become a real focal point in my living room. It is easy to unwind surrounded by the chairs mass, with a good book and a hot cup of tea at the end of a busy day.

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