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Arts And Craft FurnitureArts And Crafts Furniture

LIVING LINK TO THE ORIGINS OF ARTS AND CRAFTS. Neville Neal has been making chairs to Ernest Gimson's designs for 56 years. He apprenticed with Edward Gardiner. Gimson's chairmaker. and later inherited Gardiner's patterns for all of Gimson's chairs.

DESIGN FROM FATHER TO SON. Sidney Barnstey's son. Edward, carried on the Arts and Crafts tradition from 1923 until his death in 1987. He made this walnut and ebony bookcase in 1924.


Arts And Crafts Furniture

o an onlooker, making furniture in j period st vie may seem limiting. But tor me it has been liberating. As a seit-

taught designer, I've found that accepting the restrictions of a period style has helped loose the flow of original design ideas.

Rather than doing exact reproductions, I

generally design a piece by drawing ideas and elements from a range of pieces and makers. Sometimes I borrow i specific detail, sometimes just a general mood,

While many of the ideas are not original with me. there is self-expression in reassem bling and reanimating them

Learning to design this way is a matter ot time and experience, just like learning a craft. To become proficient at anting dove tails. vou have to cm a «dew ot them: even time you ait a set you cet a little better, a little taster. With even design done within the parameters of a period style, vou learn rn tixe l .Ji'I mI or jn element inn like .inJ

vou can then put it on the shelt and its vnnrs Tin- more won m.isrrr the more flexible vou become in desimuni?

Finding THF. Idiom

A period style gives you an elaborated

«rni.-fiirr- mi u hii'li rn U iirL 1 fir >, Iitiiin.

ships of details to proportions have alreadv

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