Quartersawn Look In Arts And Crafts Legs

A question in the Winter 1994 issue of Home Furniture about how to achieve a quarter-sawn look on all four sides of an Arts and Crafts teg elicited a response that was different from my approach.

The posts for my "Stiekley Prairie Settle" were capped by the shelf on top, so 1 did not have to worry about having a solid core, i simply mitered four quartersawn pieces together, leaving a small square opening down the center. To avoid wasting stock, I picked boards with good figure on both faces, and I nested the mitered pieces. I cut the miters on a table saw with the blade tilting toward the fence. After the initial 45° cut was made on each board, 1 set the rip fence to give the proper width. Then ! ran the boards through, flipping them end for end each time. The feathered edges resulting from the miter cut are fragile at this point but blend together nicely during glue-up. I used a good, clean blade and was able to glue-up right off the saw.

I glued all four pieces for the post at once, using very strong, clear packing tape. I started by taping two adjacent pieces together across their outside faces in a number of places, making sure the tape was rubbed down well. Then I ran a piece of tape down the length of the joint and added the third and fourth sections in the same manner.

At both ends of the pieces, i ran one piece of tape across the faces of ail four sections, leaving some extra tape at the end so that 1 could close the joint when I folded it together. 1 turned the whole thing over so that the outside faces were down and spread glue on all eight miters using a mini paint roller.

! folded the sections to make the square post and used the extra tape length at both ends to keep it closed. Then, starting at one end, i closed the joints by wrapping around and around, overlapping the tape each time and pulling it taut. The tape must be strong enough that it will not break. It works well having two people for this part, one to pull and wrap the tape around, and the other to hold and then turn the post. If the miters were cut well, the tape will close the joints beautifully. The pressure of the tape being wrapped around the feathered edges results in corners that are already slightly rounded over.

Making a Quartersawn Leg

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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