Shelf Is Attached From Underneath

The shelf goes onto the brackets, and an inconspicuously placed screw keeps it there. ■


I ith a glazing gel, I can make the mantel look either slightly old or very old. I start with McCloskey's glaze and stir in a raw umber Japan color until I get an almost chocolate color with a yogurt consistency.

1 paint a thick coat in the spots that I want darkest: the recesses and the areas where stray smoke would have inevitably darkened the wood over time. But I barely touch the parts I want to stay light.

I let that dry a few minutes, apply another coat if necessary and start pulling off the glaze with a piece of cheesecloth or an old T-shirt. If a spot looks too dark, a little paint thinner on a rag will pull it up.

I leave it dark in the crannies where furniture polish, oils and dust would have accumulated with age.

When I'm happy with the shading on the mantel, I wipe it quickly one last time, using a rag and a tiny bit of thinner.

After a few days of drying, a light coat of shellac or wax will tie down the glaze. This painless process subdues the mantel and conjures an aged, smoky appearance that seems natural in the room.

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