72 in. long, 38 in. wide, and 29% in. high; leaves, 38 in. by 14 in.


Marine penetrating oii-and-varnish.

leaves without introducing a lot of massive hardware, T designed a system of slotted extension arms that accept battens screwed to the underside of the leaves (for details on this arrangement, see the box on the facing page). When die leaves are in place, the wenges dark but definite gram is continuous from one end of the table to the other.

Strong, smooth-sliding mechanism makes it simple to add a leaf.

Wenge hanger

When pulled out slotted sliding aprons accept cleats on the underside of the table's leaves.

Baltic birch disc hits block, limiting travel of slide.

Delrin plastic for smooth action

=nsion washer keeps screw tight despite wood movement.

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