Stickley Style Le

uartersawn oak is synonymous with Craftsman furniture. I he wood's wild ray figure is both beautiful and distinctive. Unfortunately, Mother Nature saw fit to put it only on opposing faces of a board. So on a table leg. for example, the sides adjacent to a quartersawn face should be flatsawn and without figure.

However, if you look closely at much of the furniture built bv the Stickleys in the early 1900s, vou'll see what looks like a reak of nature: quartersawn figure on all four sides of square table legs ('see the photo at left). This figure is the result of a unique leg design used in Stickler factories.

The Stickleys used two techniques. One was to cover the flatsawn faces with quarters awn veneer. The other technique mated four quartersawn boards with trapezoidal profiles. The base of each trapezoid was one face of the leg, and the two adjacent sides were angled at 45°. On one angled side, there was a small perpendicular notch; on the other side was a complementary tooth. Mating tooth to notch on adjacent pieces lined up the four joints perfectly.

Quartersawn Figure on All Four Sides


How To Sell Furniture

How To Sell Furniture

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