Mission Hall

Table n spite of all its emphasis on exposed joinery and handwork, most Mission furniture was made in production. I make mv furniture in series too, and I've found that working in the Mission style is congenial to production work for a variety of reasons.

Linearity is one of the hallmarks of Mission furniture. 1 happen to like the linear style for aesthetic reasons, but it is also excellent for its adaptability. Working in a linear vocabulary, I can design a piece and then easily customize it, changing its length, width, or height for any number of customers without changing the essential feeling of the piece.

I also like Mission for its strength and simplicity, lake a good piece of original Mission furniture and you can drop it off a roof and only have to repair the finish. I ship furniture all over the country, so furniture built to stav together under stress appeals to me. And it is straightforward .to make, so a solid piece of furniture can be produced for a reasonable price.

Although I admire Mission furniture and draw on it freely for inspiration, I'm not interested m doing reproductions. Instead, I try to design furniture that feels modern, but also seems grounded in history. I'd like to attract customers who wouldn't necessarily be interested in buying antiques. With this table, I did several things to achieve separation from the originals.

First, I avoided oak. Instead, I used burgundy-stained mahogany with a smooth

SATISFYING BUT NOT STRUCTURAL Short corbels below the solid-lipped plywood top and faux through-tenons give this table the texture of a Morris chair.

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