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Counterbore for T-nut with 7>*-in. Forstner bit.^

Crosscut control. The author's jig makes precise 90* crosscuts in wide panels or small parts. Make angled cuts by tilting workpieces away from the fence.

Commercial sliding tables for the tablcsaw arc great for making prc-cisc crosscuts in wide panels or long boards, but they're: expensive. My shop-made crosscut table can crosscut Mock just as precisely as commercial models, but you can make it for less than $50. I use my table to make dead-square cuts in stock up to 32 in. wide. You can even make angled cuts, thanks to sandpaper disc "friction pads" adhered to the sliding table, or sled. (See photo, above.)

A single runner scrcwcd to the sled fits in the left miter-gauge slot, allowing the sled to slide parallel to the blade. Set up to the left of the tablesaw, a roller stand supports the left side of the sliding platform. A fence attached to the sled holds the workpiccc square to the blade, giving you dead-square cuts. For durability and accuracy, I recommend using cold-rollcd steel bar stock for the runner (available

Drill slotted hole to fine-tune fence square to blade.

Drill and countersink for machine screw.

Use roller stand to support left side of sled.

STEEL RUNNER 3/B X 3/4 X 36 I. (Or sized to fit miter-gauge groove.)

from your local metal supplier or from Small Parts Inc., 800-220-4242). Use sockct-typc machine scrcws to attach the runner to the sled; they're harder than standard machine scrcws. I chose medium-density fiberboard (MDF) for the sled because it's dependably flat. (For more on MDF, sec AW #43.)

I use the right edge of the sled to gauge the cutline on my workpieces, sincc the edge lines up with the left side of the saw blade. To accurately line up the edge when making the jig, cut the sled about 1 in. over length and attach the runner so the sled is about 1 in. to the right of the saw blade. Then run the jig past the spinning saw blade to cut off the extra material.

Bolt the fcncc to the sled and square it to the blade by making test cuts in scrap. If your cuts aren't square, loosen the right fence bolt and tap the fence forward or aft until the jig cuts a perfect 90° angle. ▲

ROBBI STAPLES is a professional woodworker; he designs and builds furniture in Massachusetts.


Have a shop jig or fixture you'd like to share? Send a photo or sketch with an explanation to "Shop Solutions," American Woodworker, 33 F. Minor Street, Emmaus. PA 18098. Nexl issue's contributor will receive this Ryobi ML618 mini lathe, list price $250.

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