Bleeding Danish

Danish oil finishes are supposed to be foolproof to apply: Just flood the surface with the oil, wait for it to penetrate, then wipe off the excess. You can "de-whisker" raised grain by rubbing the finished surface down with 220-grit wet-or-dry sandpaper before wiping down the surface.

But the dream of foolproof finishing can quickly become a nightmare when using open-pore woods like ash, oak, walnut and mahogany. Here's the scene: A short while after wiping the surface dry, you notice fresh oil oozing from the wood's pores. Even after rewiping, the pores continue to bleed fresh oil, sometimes for hours.

The fix: The best way to control bleeding is to apply your finish early in the day and wipe it dry every 1 5 minutes or so until the bleeding stops. If the oil puddles harden, you'll have to resand and refinish the surface.

Another strategy is to thin your oil finish about 20% with naphtha and add a few drops of cobalt dryer (available from finish suppliers). This doctored oil finish is much less prone to bleeding.

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