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Mini Belt Sander

One of the hottest new tools we spotted this spring at

Layout Square for Cabinetmakers


Mini Belt Sander

One of the hottest new tools we spotted this spring at

Soup Up Your Miter Gauge stuff

Veritas' new Sliding Square works great for marking precise layout lines for mortises, tenons and hinges. Its wide aluminum body provides a long reference face to register against your work, so you don't have to flip it over frequently as you would with an ordinary square. The oversize (3-in. by 6-in.) stainless steel blade is graduated along three edges to let you mark out two perpendicular lines at once (for example, the side and end of a tenon) with less chance tor error. The diamond-shaped hole in the blade is perfect for marking lines parallel to an edge. (Price: $18.95) Lee Valley Tools,, Ltd., Dept. AWT, liox 1708., Ogdensburg, NY 11669, (800) 871-8158. Circle #605

the International Hardware Show in Cologne, Germany, is the "Variosandcr," a "mini" belt sandcr from Bosch. (It will have a different name for the U.S. market.) The tool's small sanding belt (1^/16 in. by 12 in.) is designed for sanding in small, difTicult-to-reach areas like a detail sander, yet it removes material quickly, like a belt sander. We found it great for flush sanding into tight corners, and its tiny front roller lets you sand intricate curves. A stationary sanding stand turns the tool into a mini edge sander. Bosch plans to introduce the sander in the U.S. sometime this fall (price to be announced). S.B. Power Tool Co., Dept. AWT\ 4300 W. Peterson Ave.. Chicago. IL 60646, (800) 815-8665. Circle #604

Layout Square for Cabinetmakers your

Crosscutting multiple pieces to exact length and miter angle is a lot easier if you mount a Fast Track Add-On System to your tablcsaw's miter gauge. The systems aluminum fence comes in 24-in. or 36-in. lengths and installs easily with the hardware supplied. T-slots on top hold a flip-up work stop and an optional micro-adjuster for precise cutoffs. More T-slots in the front of the fence make it easy to add an auxiliary wooden fence to support the workpiece and prevent tearout. Another version of the FastTrack fence is available for miter saws. (Price for tablcsaw FastTrack: $65 for 24-in. system, S80 for 36-in. system) Garrett Wade, Dept. AWT, 161 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013, (800) 221-2942. Circlc #606

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