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rod dowel.

filler strip on top only.

edge of plywood for better visibility.

Lay the blade of your saw on a piece of cardboard and draw an outline of the guard about -V4 in. above the chain and 1/2 in. below it. Cut the two guard pieces from '/4-in. plywood and assemble them as shown. You may need to drill holes through the saw guide if none exist.

Chuck Malven Bremerton, WA

Groovy Dowel Jig

I devised this simple jig for cutting grooved dowels. First I drill a hole the same size as the dowel in the center of a square block of scrap. T hen 1 insert four drywall screws so the points project into the hole a fraction. By pushing the dowel through the hole I can cut four grooves at once.

Kevin McMillan Dubach. LA

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