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Chisel cradles. Wooden cradles keep chisels organized and protected from each other.

the top row of even thinner material than the others. (Sec Fig. 2.) 1 cut all the drawer fronts from a single walnut board, arranging them in sequence on the face of the till. The drawer sides, backs and bottoms arc poplar.

I made my drawers the traditional way. The sides arc joined to the fronts with half-blind dovetails (see AW #29) and to the backs with through dovetails. The bottoms are solid wood.

Here's how I make the drawers: 1 rip the fronts, sides and backs about '/32 in. narrower than the height of the openings. Then I crosscut each front and back to finished length—about '/32 in. less than the width of the opening—and rip each drawer back to its finished width.

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