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Töol Till

Build an exquisite traditional case for your hand tools

Hand Tool Cabinets

Chest in a chest. The walnut tool till sits inside a larger poplar chest that also holds saws, planes and other large tools.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, a woodworker completed his apprenticeship by building his own tool chest. This "master's thesis" included making many of the planes, saws and chisels that the journeyman would need to ply his trade. An important part of the chest was its "tool till," a smaller, multidrawered toolbox that rested on cleats within the main chest. A beautiful and functional toolbox in its own right, the till held smaller tools such as chisels, spokeshaves. marking gauges and shoulder planes.

The tool till shown here is mv adaptation of an 18th-century till made by Benjamin Seaton of Rochester, England. The case is black walnut and the drawers are poplar, with walnut fronts and turned maple knobs. I sized the till and its drawers to house my collection of hand tools. You can alter the dimensions, if necessary, to suit your own.

Building a tool till can be a good lesson in solid wood construction. It includes skills such as through dovetails and traditional drawer construc-

by Ernie Conover

Function and beauty. Inspired by a tool chest made over two centuries ago, the author's version is a fine piece of shop furniture and a perfect home for hand toolSj


The tool till has an upper and a lower case. Cradles in the upper case hold chisels. (See sidebar, page 39.) Custom-sized drawers in the lower case accommodate small files, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Pocket screws hold the cases together. (See sidebar, page 38.)

Benjamin Seaton Tool Chest

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