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Flat, Rift and Quarter Sawing

The way the rings run through the board determines the board's designation. If you saw a log ''through and through/' as shown below, you'll get boards of all three types.

I enjoyed the drawermaking article by Ian J. Kirby and John Kclscy in AW #56. But as a novice woodworker. Tin not familiar with the terms "flatsawn," "quartcrsawn," and "riftsawn." Could you explain these?

Chris Newton

OWhcn a log is sliced into boards, as shown at right, the end grain of the annual rings crosses the board surfaces in different configurations. On the center boards, the end grain of the rings is mostly at right angles to the surface. On the outer boards, the annual rings arc much more aligned with the surface. The center board is called quartcrsawn, the outer board is flatsawn. The boards in between these two are riftsawn.

When docs quartcrsawn become rift, and when docs rift become flat? At best, the distinction is imprecise. A board will be sold by how it looks on the face, where the ray tissue is visible, (Rays are the cells that radiate from the center of the log's cross section like the spokes in a wheel, and show on the face of the board as flashes, silver grain, or flakes.) But the end grain can provide a clue. In general, if most of the rings on the end

Compass Planes

I've heard of an old kind of hand plane called a compass plane. Can you give me some information on this tool?

Deb Miller Berwick, PA

grain are between 90° and 65° to the edge of the board, then the board is quartcrsawn. If between 65° and 35°, it's riftsawn. If they are less than 35°, the board is flatsawn.

However, even these definitions arc

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