assure that the sides clamp tightly to the top and bottom. I make up notched cauls to use as clamping blocks at the four corners of the case. 1 saw the notches in the cauls so the pins can protrude through the tails as pressure is applied. It's critical that the cases are square when you clamp them up. Otherwise you'll have trouble fitting the partitions and drawers.

With the ease glued up, you can now cut the partitions to exact finished length. It's important to fit them exactly between the dadoes. Cut the horizontal partitions to length firstĀ» then cut the dadoes for the vertical partitions into them. I slipped the partitions most of the way into their dadoes, then applied a dab of glue to the bottom of each partition before sliding it home. This allows any dissimilar expansion and contraction between the partitions and the case to work itself out at the back of the box.

Attach the upper case to the lower case with pocket screws. (Sec sidebar, left.) To attach the case, 1 clamped it in place, drilled pilot holes into the lower case through the pocket holes, then drove in the screws.

Last, make the lid as shown in Fig. 2. To minimize the possibility of warping, use quartersawn or riftsawn material.

Making and Fitting the Drawers

Many woodworkers tend to overbuild drawers. I kept the thickness of the drawer fronts, sides and backs to a minimum, and made the small drawers in


This tool till has a variety of drawer sizes to accommodate most common hand tools and layout devices. You can modify these sizes to suit your own tools.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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