• Saw trees up to — Li-«os«pcrHy*.ubc 36" dia.x 21' long* on site.

• Optional hydraulic log handling

(LT40 and LT30 models).

• LT25 mills without trailer from:

iill-pruJu/U mill, kiln and rdfcr taialog: $2.00

Over 17,000 Sawmills World-Wide!

he furniture on these pages

JHL comes from woodworkers who cclcbratc the American West in their work. Each year in September, the foremost practitioners of this genre gather in Cody, Wyoming, to attend the Western Design Conference. Here, you can sec an inspiring array of furniture and related crafts that reflect the culture of the West. Wyoming Governor Jim Geringer summarized the spirit of cowboy design at the 1995 conference: "The designs of the West arc representative of our people and the landscapes: bold and colorful, sometimes weathered, but always solid." We think the pioneering picccs shown here reflect that sentiment.

This year's Western Design Conference is being held September 24-28. For more info call (888) 685-0574.

Want to set your work in "Gallery"! Send color slides or larger transparencies to: "Gallery,

American Woodworker, 33 E. Minor St.,

Emmaus. PA 18098. Please include a title. a briefdescription of techniques used\ materials, dimensions, name of photographer, your name. address, and phone number. We'll pay you $35

per entry published. If you want your photos returned, enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.

"Thunderbird canopy bed" and bedside chest by Gerry Lemanski, Arizona Ranch®, Tempe, AZ.

Ponderosa pine and patinated copper. Bed: W: 70 in. D: 90 in. H: 84 in. Chest: W: 24 in. D: 24 in. H: 30 in.


"Six Horse Cabinet" by Mike Livingston, Hutchinson, KS Ponderosa pine and cast bronze. W: 37 in. D: 16 in. H: 47 in.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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