But We've Kept It To A Whisper*

Whisper Series

Usually when Porter-Cable makes a remarkable improvement in a tool, we sing its praises as loudly as we can. However, it doesn't seem nght for us to shout about a tool that actually makes so little noise.

Yet that's v/hat we're tempted to do with our new Whisper Series™ of Belt Sanders. After all. we took the best 3Mx24* and 4*x24' belt sanders »n the business and actually improved them by dramatically reducing their noise output an amazing 34%

Plus we did it without sacrificing any power or ability. In fact, the Whisper Series' 12 amp motor is the most powerful of all belt sanders. The cast and machined aluminum housing still property places the tool's weight directly over the sanding area.

And its conveniently located variable speed dial makes it the perfect belt sander for a variety of applications.

If you'd like to hear for yourself the six sanders that have us whispering at the top of our lungs, visit your local Porter-Cable retailer. Or call 1-800-487-8665 (519-836-2840 in Canada) for the dealer nearest you.

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