Mike And Norm Dend

"New Yankee Workshop" star Norm Abram paid a visit to another prominent Yankee woodworker— AW's contributing editor Mike Dunbar. Abram and Dunbar demonstrated steam bending and made a combination coal rack and shelf for a program that aired this spring Plans and a video are available from WGBH; call (800) 892-0110 and mention the 900 series. For a schedule of Dunbar's classes, held at his shop in Hampton, NH, call (603) 929-9801.


From monitors to mousepads, now there's a whole line of wooden computer equipment. Asuko, a Japanese company, puts standard computer components in mahogany, white ash or walnut cases. Even the keyboard keys are wood! Complete systems run from $8,800 to $13,500—the ultimate luxury for wood-loving businesspeople. For more info, e-mail: [email protected] or check out the website at: http://www.asuko.isfnet.ad.jp

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David White

LP620 2ÛX Sight Level Package $219

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16 32 Plus 16 "-32" Bench Drum Sander



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