Solid Wood Frame With Solid Wood Panel

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In the age-old solution to the problem of wood movement, the grooves must be deep enough and the panel loose enough for seasonal expansion and contraction. The traditional panel is raised and fielded, but the maker proportions the parts to suit the eye. A panel-raising router bit gives you speed, but the cost is giving up control over dimensions and proportions.

There is no limit to the variations you can create. (See Figs. 1 and 2.) You can vary the proportions of the raise to echo the proportions of the door. To emphasize the field, make a double rabbet or a small bead. To create a vertical impression, raise the sides of the panel but not the top and bottom. Raising both front and back of the panel creates a pleasant surprise when someone opens the door. The overlay panel is one way to get the most out of beautifully figured wood.

Molding the inside edges of the frame affects the joint between horizontal rails and vertical stiles. The rail can be coped to fit over the molded stile, or the stile molding can be pared flat and mitcrcd where it meets the rail.

Period and ethnic decorating themes give rise to arch-top panels, to multiple panels divided by muntins, and to center medallion panels. In solid wood many of these variations generally can't come straight off the saw or router, but require hand-detailing. Alternatives to traditional panels are shown in Fig. 4.

A twist on tradition. This red oak frame-and-panel door has a double-fielded panel with a molded frame.


Raising, fielding and molding all create bands of light and shadow.

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