Taking Your Lumps At Lacquer Time

Okay, so maybe your spray gun technique isn't the best. But that doesn't mean that the spray-lacquered top on your newly completed walnut desk has to feel like a relief map of the moon! What's called "orange peel" in finishing vernacular is basically the inability of the lacquer to "flow out" or level itself. When thousands of tiny atomized droplets tail to coalesce into a continuous film of finish, it's not uncommon to create a mini-moonscape.

The fix: Thanks to lacquer's forgiving nature, you can un-lump your bumpy surface faster than you can say "aromatic hydrocar bons." Lacquer is solvent-borne finish, and each new coat dissolves the last one, rather than merely bonding to it.

To level a lumpy coat, simply spray another coat of lacquer on top of it, only this time, slow down the lacquer's drying time. There are two ways you can do this: If you're mixing up a new cup of finish, thin with a "slower" thinner (thinners come in slow, medium and fast varieties). Or try this alternative method: add a little "lacquer retarder" to the mixture already in your gun's cup. Thinners and retarders are both available from finishing suppliers.

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