The Only Complete Water Cooled Grinding And Sharpening System

• for plane irons, chisels, spoke shaves. planer/]ointer blades, knives, scissors, axes, turning tools and carving tools.

For full information and nearest stockist: United States: TORMEK 1-800-5 -TORMEK United Kingdom: BriMarc 01926 493389 Australia: PROMAC 07-3279-4811 New Zealand W & R JACK 03-546-7479 South Africa RECORD 011-422-2340

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Quickly Pays For Itself! Saves hours of tedious hand sanding!

Choose from 26" and 38" Single or Dual Drum Models!

Craftsmen everywhere are using their Woodmaster Drum Sander to save hours of valuable shop can, too! In a matter of seconds, you can produce a satin - smooth, absolutely level surface impossible with hand methods. No more low spots, waves or cross grain marks!


Wood master's patented design includes infinitely variable feed rate and a superior dust removal system for longer paper life. Call or write today for free facts on how you can try this precision machine in your own shop for one full month without risk. Made in U.S.A. 5-Year Warranty. Easy Terms.

1-800-821-6651 ext. DB11

Woodmaster Tools, Inc.

1431 N. Topping Ave. Dept. DB11 Kansas City, MO 64120

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