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Woodsmith Project Supplies offers hardware kits and supplies for some of the projects shown in this issue. Supplies for these projects are also available at your local hardware store or through one of the mail order catalogs listed below.


A complete hardware kit for the workbench, shown on page 6, is available from Woodsmith Project Supplies. This kit includes all the hardware you'll need to build the bench (listed in the Supplies box on page 7), except for the vise and the hardware needed to mount the vise. W100-7100-100 Workbench

Hardware Kit $55.95

Note: Similar hardware is available from several woodworking catalogs listed in the mail order sources below.

VISE. We also added a metal woodworking vise, the Record 52Vi ED, to our workbench, refer to the photo on page 3. This vise is available from the mail order sources listed below.

Besides the vise, you'll also need some mounting hardware. Mounting the 52Vi ED requires: •(2) #14 x 2" Rh Woodscrews •(4) VS"x 3VS" Lag Screws •(4) 1/2" Flat Washers

ACCESSORIES. One way to im-


To order a project kit from Woodsmith Project Supplies, use our Toll Free order line. It's open Monday through Friday, from 7 AM to 7 PM Central Time.

Before calling, please have your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card ready.

If you would like to mail your order in, call the number below for more information on shipping charges and any applicable sales tax.

1 -800-444-7527

Note: Prices subject to change after October, 1995

prove the versatility of a workbench is to add holdfasts and bench dogs. Woodsmith Project Supplies is currently offering a holdfast and two types of bench dogs. (These are also available from the sources listed below.) Each of these accessories fits into the W-dia. holes drilled in the top of your bench top.

woodworking vise. Normally, bench dogs are square, but the ones we're offering are round, see right photo below. They're made from solid brass, so they're less likely to nick your plane blades or chisels. W100-1301-618 Bench

WONDER DOG. Another type of bench dog is the Wonder

Holdfast. This simple holdfast is a traditional clamp that can be used to secure a workpieceto the top of your workbench.

HOLDFAST. The first accessory you might want to consider is actually an old one: a holdfast, see left photo above. It's one of the simplest ways to secure a workpiece to a bench. (Ours will secure stock up to 4" thick.) Simply drive the head down to jamb the holdfast into the hole, and it won't let up until you dislodge it with a sideways tap. W100-1301-600 Holdfast $9.95

TRADITIONAL DOG. Another traditional bench accessory is a bench dog. It's used with a


Similar hardware and supplies may be found in the following catalogs. Please call each company for a catalog or information.


800-223-8087 Record vise, Vise accessories, No-mortise hinges, Lid supports, Behkol

Woodcraft 800-225-11S3

Workbench hardware, Record vise,

Garrett Wade

800-221-2942 Record vise, Vise .</,i'l'nr flakes,

Woodworker's Supply


Vise accessories, Shellac Hakes, Behkol, Diywall anchors

Lid supports Woodworker's Hardware


Workbench hardware, No^mortise hinges, Lid supports

The Woodworkers' Store 800-279-4441

Workbench hardware. Vise accessories, ' z hinges, Lid Supports

Bench Dogs. These bench dog (right) and Wonder Dog (left) are modern tools for making your workbench mare useful.

Dog, see right photo. You don't need to use a vise with this dog. The body is round, but it also has a 6"-long steel thread attached to a brass head, so you can apply pressure just like a vise or a clamp. w100-1301-616 Wonder Dog $24.95


The dovetail chest on page 18 doesn't require much hardware. For hinges, I chose some easy-to-install 3" no-mortise hinges, see sources below.

But you'll need something to prevent the lid from opening too far. For this, I used a brass chain and two screws. If children are going to be opening and closing the lid, I recommend using a lid support that won't slam shut. Check the sources below.


To finish the chest, I used shellac, see the box on page 22.

These days, shellac is used mostly as a "stain blocker" that you can buy ready-to-use at many hardware and paint stores. Unfortunately, many manufacturers don't date the cans, soyou don'tknowhowlongit'sbeen on the shelf. And shellac that's been dissolved in alcohol only has a shelf life of about a year.

Instead, I buy shellac flakes and dissolve them with denatured alcohol in a glass jar. (For sources of shellac flakes, see the list below.) Note: Behlensmanu-factures a product specifically for dissolving shellac called Behkol, see below.

Ifyou decide to buy shellac in flakes, there are a number of different grades to choose from: button lac, garnet, orange, and blonde. Each isjust another step in the purification process. Button lac is the darkest in color, while the blonde is fairly clear.



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Ifyou have any questions, give us a call: 515-282-7000 M-F 9-5 CST

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