Circular Work in Carpentry and Joinery

This republication of George Collings' valuable study on circular work offers the architect, carpenter and joiner a practical guide to work of single and double curvature. With the revival of period architecture, and the increased interest in preservation and restoration, complex, curved work has become more common, though often what passes for curved work is merely faceted work.

Collings originally published Circular Work in Carpentry and Joinery in 1886. The book met with immediate success and was reprinted numerous times. This updated version is taken from the 5th London edition of 1911. The original text has been preserved in its entirety to give the reader insight into some of the complex work required of the carpenter in the late nineteenth century.

The original text has been annotated with over 240 new illustrations added by way of explanation and description. Collings discusses doors, windows, stairs, mouldings, cased frames, elliptical heads, conical roofs, skylights, and much more. The new annotations bring these complicated subjects within the reach of craftsmen who wish to master some of the skills discussed in Collings' work. This new edition of Circular Work in Carpentry andJoinery fills a gap in current woodworking 1 itéra ture and provides an excellent refer ence for craftsmen interested in complex carpentry and joinery.

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The Complete Guide To Wood Finishing

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