Custom Smeif Or Bracket


board using store-bought "L" screws on the back edge. Three things to watch: 1) "L" screw fits the peg-board; 2) horizontal spacing of the screws is exactly the same as the spacing of the holes; 3) top half of the back edge of your hang-up is chamfered.


Masking-Tape Shims

When cutting tenons on the table-saw, vou often need to move the

' «r fence just a hair to adjust the thickness of the tenon. Instead of trying to adjust the fence in such tiny increments, I apply layers of tape to the side of my tenoning jig where it bears against the fence. Masking tape works well for a fairly thick shim, and mylar packing tape works as a very thin shim.

Ben Erickson Eutavv. AL

I protect dowels and threaded rod from vise jaws bv slipping them into a piece of discarded garden hose before clamping them in the vise. Rubber automotive heater hose works for larger diameters.

W. J. morrison Northport. NY

Styrofoam Clamp Pads

When laminating curved surfaces, I use 1-in. or 2-in. thick stvrofoam as clamp pads. The pads form to the radius of the curved surface, resulting in even clamp pressure.

brian j. o'connor Wolverine, Ml

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