Cutting The Mortise

With knife, merk hinge position on other ^^ half of box.

Score with grain for easier removal w With chisel score waste across grain.

^ Pare away waste with a wide chisel.

fore you're through.) In hardwoods, to avoid shearing a brass screw, I substitute a steel screw for the brass screw until the final installation.

Install the hinges, and position the lid on the box. With the knife, mark the hinge positions on the box or lid (whichever one remains to be mortised) with the knife. Remove the hinges, and repeat the hinging process. Be sure to use the correct leaf of the correct hinge.

Troubleshooting—If the lid won't close completely, it may be because the inside edge of one or more of the hinge leaves is proud of the box or lid. If so, deepen the


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