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The* joints orrr made u5in£ the new íncra Tompiates u*th In ctct Jig on Ihe router I able

The intricate and beautiful joints shown here are just a small sampling o1 the flawless work that you can now rea<i*y accomplish with the unprecedented performance and accuracy that this remarkable new fool puts in your shop No other dovetail jig. regardless of cos/, can even come close to matefwig INCRA JIG's precision and versat*ty

But the INCRA Universal Precision Positioning Jig is much more than just a dove-tad and finger joint rg It operates in EXACT 1/32" steps as a precision fence or stop block on your router table, drill press, table saw. band saw. radial arm saw, and more Over-all error 6 under 1/500", and you can instantly return to any former pos-lion wth a repeatability error that is immeasurable

Now Available

For a free brochure and your nearest dealer, write to: Taylor Design Group. Inc. P0. Box 810262 Dallas. TX 75381 INCRA Ttmpaiw with .ndodid hwdOook are wsarjtev »torn ftCRA JC

Set of 17 templates plus fii-sized plans for making all of these joints ptus hundreds of unique and beautiful variations Just set INCRA JIG to the cotar-coded reference marks, and then reiy on the precision of INCRA JIG's sawtooth posltonlng racks to lock each cut exactly mto place for a perfectly fitting |omt.

Handbook has 100 dustrated pages with delated Instructions and tips on getting the most out of your INCRA JIG Includes expanded sections on making sliding, half-blind, and THROUGH dovetails with ANY combination of pm and tail spacing, using ANY dovetail bit ever manufactured. Features a special section on malcng INCRA rnVA ^B

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