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Handv Lavout Fluid

A felt-tip permanent marker works as well as machinist's layout fluid for laying out marks on machines or tools. Rub the felt-tip marker over the whole area where you need to scribe a mark, let dry for about 30 seconds, and scribe into the ink from the marker. The ink can be removed with steel wool or alcohol when you're finished.

Robert Pauley Dccatur. GA

Extending Your Reach

Routing a Square Edge

When I need to square up a panel that's too large for my tablesaw, I simply clamp a fence across the piece and trim off the excess with a Va-in. or '/2-in. straight bit in my router. It takes four or five passes at increasing depths-of-cut, but the edge is unsplintered and square. This technique also works well with veneered plywood, which tends to chip out when cut with a circular saw.

Bill Kearney

Doughs, \W

Here's an easy way to attach table-tops or cabinet tops. Like the screw-in-slotted-hole method, it allows the top to move but doesn't require any routing to produce the slot. The screw slot is formed by the gap between two '/4-in. x 1 '/ยป- x 2-in. wooden blocks glued to the undcrstructure of the top. Use the intended screw as a spacer to separate the blocks. When the screw is installed, it can slide between the blocks as the top expands and contracts.

Pat Warner Escondido. CA

For setting finish nails in those hard-to-reach places, I use a Vn-in. ratchet drive extension over the nail set. It fits perfectly over the nail set, and light hammering does no damage to the extension.

Robert Welburn Lake Worth. FL

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No-Rout Screw Slots

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