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Tips & Techniques

Six great tips from fellow woodworkers: 1. Narrow Stock Push Block. 2. Fence Stop. 3. Stamp Dispenser Idea. Jf. Router Table Hold-in Jig. 5. Sanding Tube. 6. Hand-Rubbing Deft Finish.

Chairside Chest page 6

Chairside Chest

Tool Techniques

Shop Notes

Plant Stand

Classic frame and panel construction highlighted with fluted brass knobs are sure to make this walnut cabinet an heirloom project.

Drill Press — Tips and jigs for getting the most out of your drill press.

16 Some tips and ideas from inside the

- Woodsmith Shop: 1. A Molding

Miter Box. 2. Cutting Duplicate Tenons 3. Drawer Catches. 4. Clamping Mortise and Tenon Joints.

Tool Techniques pagelh

Inspired by Craftsman-style furniture, this white oak plant stand uses traditional mortise and tenon joinery.

Sandpaper Storage 24

Here's a system for storing quarter sheets of sandpaper in your shop. Plus a slick jig for cutting sandpaper to the correct size for a pad sander.

Plant Stand

Sandpaper Dispenser 26 A. useful project for storing and cut-

ting rolls of self-adhesive sandpa per.

page 18

Tools of the Trade

We take an in-depth look at 3M's Stikit Sandpaper.

Talking Shop

Comments and Questions about jointers and planers; band saw blades; runners for jigs; and disposing of oily rags.


32 Hardware and supplies needed for Sandpaper Dispenser page 26 the projects in this issue.

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