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For a different look, you may want to paint the beaded panels (or the entire bench). If so, check your local home center or lumberyard for manufactured beaded board that's pre-primed or painted white. It will probably be MDF instead of solid wood, and it may have lap joints instead of tongue and groove, as in the right photo.

To fit the panels into place, I still rabbeted the face of the panels so the beads end in the rail. To see how I did this, check out the box on page 27. However if the panels are less than V211 thick, you'll need to add a spacer between the board and the stop, as in detail 'a' at left.

One last thing. If the color that you are painting the panels is some thing other than white, it's a good idea to paint the beaded boards before installing them. That way you won't have "unpainted" white patches appear as the boards expand and contract seasonally.

Spacer side section view rail


Cherry Console

Building the cherry console won't set you back much for hardware and supplies. The only items you'll need are a couple of knobs, a package of plastic stem bumper glides, and a few shelf-support pins.

I ordered a pair of lVi"-dia. bronzed "ring" knobs (02W11.12) from Lee Valley

Storage Bench

The storage bench just takes a couple of common hardware items. I ordered for the drawers, but you might be able to find some locally. The plastic stem bumper glides (#28373) and the lA" brass shelf-sup-port pins (#30437) were both ordered from Rockier.

KREG JIG. If you'd like to try pocket hole joinery on the face frame, I'd recommend a Kreg Jig. The Rocket

Jig that I used is pretty inexpensive. It can be purchased from several of the sources listed at right Or visit the Kreg Tool web site.

a 48" long brass piano hinge (#19374) and a pair (left and right) of curved friction lid supports (#25619 & #25627) from Rockier, but you might find both these items available locally.

ROUTER BIT. You'll also need a special router bit to make the beaded paneling. A standard type beading bit will only cut a bead along the edge of a board. So I

had to order the 3/i6n point cutting round-over bit (#6431) shown in the photo above from MLCS.

BEADED BOARD. I built the storage bench from ash and couldn't find any pre-made

Cherry Stain

The Jel'd Stain and the Zar cherry stain used to make Woodsmith's cherry stain are available at many paint, hardware, and home improvement stores.

If you can't find a local retailer, you can call the phone numbers listed or check the web sites for dealer information.

bead board to match. But if you use another wood for the bench (oak or pine) this might not be a problem.

And if you'd like to try the painted paneling option, just visit your local home improvement or lumber store to see what's available. I found both individual primed MDF "beaded boards" and sheets of W beaded paneling.

Craftsman Wall Shelf

Besides wood screws, the only hardware you'll need for the Craftsman wall shelf is a set of shelf hangers. I ordered two sets of interlocking "extra-thin flush mounts" (#29975) from

Rockier; and they really worked out well.

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