QU ESTION: Is there some tech n iquefor getting a really good edge on a table saw?

For a long time, a table saw was all I ever used. In fact, with a sharp blade and a well-adjusted saw. you may never need a jointer.

The technique for jointing on the table saw is simple. But before trying this, check to be sure the blade is clean. 90" to the table, and parallel with the rip fence. I use a sharp 40-tooth carbide-tipped combination blade.

skim ct.t. To get a smooth edge, I use a skim cut technique. Start by ripping the edge about Vi6" oversize. Then rip the edge a second time, taking only half the thickness of the blade off the edge, see Fig. 4a.

QUESTION: What's the best way to determine if an edge is properly jointed?

One way to check is to place the edge on something that you know is straight and flat, like your saw table. If there's a light behind the workpiece. it will show under any gaps.

But the best method is to place the mating edges together, and put the boards on a flat surface. Any gaps will show along the joint.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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