Drill Press Method

One of the simplest methods available that satisfies both these requirements is to use a drill press to remove most of the waste of the mortise, see Fig. 1. Using a Forstner or brad point bit I drill a series of overlapping holes to create a rough opening. Then I square up the ends and sides of the mortise with a chisel, see Fig. 2.

Shop Note: If your workpiece is too long or heavy to place on a drill press, try using a portable drill with a dowel jig or a Portalign to guide the drill bit.

There are a couple things I like about this method (which is probably why I use it more than any other). First, it doesn't require any lengthy setup of equipment. The width of the mortise is determined by the diameter of the drill bit and the depth by the depth stop on the drill press. All you need is a simple fence clamped to the drill press table to establish the position of the mortise in the workpiece.

Second, it allows me to see my c

Clean up sides and square ends with chisel

work at all times. As I'm drilling the row of holes, if s easy to tell if I'm wandering outside of my layout lines.

As useful as it is, drilling a series of holes and cleaning up the sides of each mortise with a chisel can be a time-consuming task, particularly if you have a lot of mortises to make. For some projects, it makes more sense to use a different technique.

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