Template For Laying Out Rosettes

Rosettes arc attractive additions to furniture, hut plotting them with a compass and square, or transferring an image from paper to wood can be tedious. I came up with a system that allowed me to accurately draw the design right on the work surface. The decoration I wanted was a simple pierced and chip-carved rosette that would complement the backboard on a porch bench I built. (See main article.)

To lay out this rosette I made the paper pattern and a cardboard template shown below. First, 1 taped the pattern to the board and marked the centers of all holes to be drilled. After removing the pattern and boring

Chip Carving Practice Board Patterns

the holes on a drill press, I used a compass to draw concentric circles that marked the boundaries of the curved V-cuts. The remaining V-cut boundaries I laid out using the template. I just attached the pivot point of the template to the center of the rosette with a push pin, then rotated the template. When the straight edges of the template cutouts (color-coded in the drawing) lined up tangent to the holes, I drew the lines on the board.

Cliip carving takes a little practice. (See aw #2, May/June 1988, for more on chip carving.) Whether you use a knife or a chisel, the cleanest work results from removing the chips with a few deliberate cuts.—R.H.

1. Use paper pattern on board.

Chip Carving Templates

1. Use paper pattern on board.

2. After drilling holcsf dr3w conccntnc circles. Vi DU.


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