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Chop Saw Station
Sawing uniform veneer or laminates as thin as xAi in. is a »nap with a positioning jig.

Trying to repeat a fence setting or precisely position a fence can be a real pain with many woodworking machines. You have to rely on a ruler, a keen eye and some luck. Or make a lot of test cuts.

Positioning jigs eliminate the guesswork. Once set up and calibrated, they let you locate a fence exactly where you want it and repeat any setting with dead-on accuracy.

There are two brands of positioning jigs currently on the market: the INCRA Jig, which was introduced in 1987, and the JoinTECH, which reached the market in 1991.

Both jigs work on the same principle. You clamp the jig to a machine table and connect it to a fence—either your own or a ready-made one the companies sell. Then you adjust the jig to precisely position your fence.

Make Fence Adjustments With Machine-Shop Precision

You can use a positioning jig for almost any type of operation that requires accurate spacing between cuts. On a router table it will help you make intricate dovetails like those pictured in the inset photos at left. Or you can mount one to your tablesaw to cut

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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