By Elus Walentine

When we decided to feature the ellipse jig in this issue (sec page 31). 1 had plenty of ellipse-based projects in mind, but the one that best reflected the ellipse theme was this walnut chcval mirror.

Over the years, I had tried to avoid making elliptical things because they required too much effort and they never seemed to look exactly right. However, when I realized how easy it was to create perfect ellipses with our jig, I pulled out all the stops. You can build this mirror without using the jig, but I wouldn't advise it. In fact, it's important to read the jig article before tackling this one so you'll understand the terminology used here.

When designing anything, function and appearance are the main concerns. A functional cheval mirror should be sturdy enough to resist tipping over and large enough to be a dressing mirror. Aesthetically, it should be understated so it doesn't overpower the image of the viewer.

But in this case, there was also an additional consideration—I wanted to make the mirror entirely of ellipses, all of which could be cut on the ellipse jig.

1 began the design process with some quick sketches of possible overall forms, trying to visualize a finished product. After settling on a favorite, I went to the drawing board and boxed out the overall height, width and depth of the

All the hIiu|h'h in thirt chcval mirror were cut with a router and the ellipse jig described in the article on page 31.

Here s the Perfect Test for AWs Ellipse Jig: A Freestanding Cheval Mirror Made Entirelu y

Designing the Mirror


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