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n my diaiimaking business, I cut a lot of mortises and tenons at odd angles on unusually shaped pieces of wood. Most router-based machines that can do this type of work are complicated to use, with their dense array of hold-downs, levers and adjustment settings. But one, the Stanficld Joiner/Shapcr JS 1010, is not only user-friendly, it's quick, precise, sturdy and versatile.

The JS 1010 lets you rout mortises, tenons, box joints, dovetails and custom profiles on wood by hand-guiding a horizontal router carriage on three axes—up-and-down, sideways, and in-and-out. You can use one of the 14 optional template sets to guide your cuts, or make your own templates for Custom shapes like cabriole or tapered legs. Also, you can perform horizontal shaping and molding tasks without templates; just install the optional fence (or build one) and lock the router carriage in place.

Unlike other three-dimensional routing machines, die JS 1010 puts you behind the router and gives you a clear view of the bit while cutting. And, because you guide the router carriage by hand, you have a better sense of control over your work.

The basic machinc consists of a 153/»-in. by 26'/¿-in. plywood worktablc and a router carriage that runs on precision guide bars attached to the

Stanfield Joiner Shaper

Stanfield Joiner/Shaper Model JS 1010

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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