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Alternative Turnout

I'd like to suggest an alternative to the turnout leaf supports on Mitch Mandel's harvest table (aw #30). The problem with turnouts is that you have to poke around under the table to find them. Instead of turnouts I prefer pullout supports that slide in and out at right angles to the apron. The pullouts slide in notches cut in the apron and protrude slightly so they're easy to grab. I screw wooden guide brackets to the underside of the top to keep them from wobbling. To make them comfortable to grab, I rout depressions with a core-box bit and a plunge router.

Bernhard Hoffer

Ckico, CA

Wrinkle J Look Is Out

After seeing your December cover (aw *29) my wife said, "Don't you think they could have the guy on the cover put on a shirt that wasn't wrinkled?" I agree with her and wonder why you would allow this to happen. I'd love to be on your cover and would even iron my shirt.

Bryan Kopesty Cordova, TN

Thanks for the offer, Bryan, but having a well-dressed guy like you on the cover might ruin our image.

Don't Waste That Wood

Re: "Fire Palaces" (aw *29). The fruits of pyromania may look spectacular but I think we could come up with a better use of scrapwood. The stuff you're calling scrap is bigger than most of the components of the projects my special education and regular education students complete. Save the fires for heating purposes and try to find somebody with a limited budget who'd welcome free wood.

Tom Albrecht Evanston/Sboleie School District

Evanston, IL

Sharpening Advice

Re: "Sharpening Turning Tools" (aw *30). Stephen Blenk lists M2 as an "exotic hard steel" when in reality virtually all the high-speed steel turning chisels on the market are made from M2 [orj M7. The All steel that Jerry Glaser uses (in his turning tools) is not a high speed steel. It is a cold work steel that was dev eloped by my company. Mr. Blenk also implies that D2 (steel) can be subjected to high grinding temperatures in the same way highspeed steel can. This is incorrect because D2 is a cold work tool steel.

(With regard to) grinding wheels, while I will not argue with his apparent success, the carborundum wheel to which Mr. Blenk refers is not proper for grinding any type of tool steel, carbon or high speed. Carborundum is man-made silicon carbide, which is used to grind cast iron and tungsten carbide. Your readers should be advised against using carborundum wheels for grinding tool steels.

Carl Dorsch Pittsburgh, PA

Most metallurgists believe that [quenchingl hot tools fresh off the grinding wheel will shorten the edge life by causing micro-cracks at the edge. My recommendation is to grind gently with a freshly dressed wheel and cool the tool in the air or by laying it on top of the lathe bed or any other large chunk of iron which will help absorb the heat.

Along with the discussion of grinding, there should be a reminder of what kind of sparks come off a grind ing wheel when high-speed steel or high carbon steel is ground. The sparks arc so distinctive that it is almost impossible to mistake one for the other. Each tool steel has its own spark "signature," but it's not necessary to leam the many types. The only thing a turner should learn is to recognize the type of spark given off by high carbon tool steel. With that knowledge he can grind each tool with the proper respect it deserv es.

Jerry Closer Playa Jel Rey, CA

Project Prompts Praise

As I am writing this the final coat of spar varnish is drying on the display cabinet I have built for my wife. I would like to thank Ellis Walentine for this wonderful project (aw «28). It's a pleasure to build and display, and even more enjoyable to field the positive comments from friends and neighbors.

Stan Kuczynsbi

Orlando, FL

Light en Up

To thin-skinned Tcxans, china cabinet bashers and those who don't like nasty boxes: get in the shop and loosen up.

Joseph Beals Volcano, CA

Turn Old Saws Into Scrapers

Re: Stanley \2XA veneer scraper (Q&A, aw *28). Fine steel scraper blades are very difficult to obtain, but quite often an old damaged Atkins or Disston handsaw can be had very cheaply. By cutting grooves at right angles to the teeth with a three-cornered file and breaking off [the teethl in a vise, you can get very fine scraper blades.

R.H. Coleman Decatur, GA

Too Busy To Write?

Call our LETTERLINE (215) 967-7776

Bravo on Boxes

Enjoyed the "Nasty* Boxes" article (aw *29). I made about 20 so far that include a pumpkin head ghost, a rabbit, mice and the snake. I would like to see more on toys and games from the past.

Edwin Leavitt IV Gloucester, MA

Quality Photos Take Skill

Re: "Photographing Your Work" (aw *50). I must take exception to the statement, "You don't have to be an expert to take professional-quality shots." Much like woodworking, the craft of commercial photography involves lengthy studies, combined with costly trial-and-error experience, to gain a basic understanding of the medium and tools. Most woodworkers could probably hire a local professional photographer to shoot completed projects for less expense and trouble than that involved in acquiring the camera, lights, stands, reflectors, backdrops and experimenting.

Robert Noel Clarlcson Clarkson Studio Photography

Helena, MN Don't DropYour Guard

Re: Ripping square blanks into octagons, ("Dealing with Shop Scrap," aw *29). You would have made your case a much safer one by showing the saw guard in position. Too many "professionals" see danger in using the guard on the saw and they determine they can work safely without it. A novice may get the same idea and lose a finger in the process.

Donald F. Kinnarnan

PlllKillix, AZ I urned on by I urning

I was just delighted by the article on turning Victorian ornaments (aw *29). Stephen Blcnk s fine article went right to my shop where it will be put to good use.

Nate Rotli Monroe, WI

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Quality Reproductions of Period Hardware

Quality Reproductions of Period Hardware

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