Computerized Positioning

A new jig brings high tech to the positioning market.

Another positioning jig will soon be on the market called the Autojig, tliat will add high tech electronics to the positioning jig concept. The jig comes without a fence and is designed to be used with an INCRA Jig or JoinTECH fence.

The Autojig wasn't available for tests, but it has a computer and a small motor to turn twin lead screws that move the fence with 0.001-in. accuracy. To adjust positioning, you just enter the commands on an attached keypad. A digital display then shows fence position in either fraction or decimal inches, and also prompts you with messages like "three passes required."

The manufacturer claims the computer will help you calculate fine adjustments to improve the fit of dovetails, dadoes and other joints that wouldn't be possible with the fixed templates the other jigs employ. Once you enter the right information on the keypad, the jig is supposed to set the required fence positions automatically at the push of a button. Price: $499; Heartwood Technology, Box 50324, Colorado Springs, CO 80929, (719) 599-9321

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