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Fluted Cabinet Doors
Cabinet with fluted doors by Timothy Coleman, Greenfield, MA. White oak veneer, maple, maple veneer. Dimensions: H: 55 in., W: 23V& in., I): 13 in.

Cabinet by Stephen C. Mosw, Fort

Bragg, CA.

French walnut, Swifts pear. English elm. Dimensions:

Bernd Krase

Appalachian mountain dulcimer hy Bernd Krause, Johnson City, NY. Walnut, spruce, huhinga. Dimension*: II: 3'/» in., L: 38% ill., Ws VA in.

The line between winners an J runners' up can be ra2or thin, as is evident in these photos of the entries in our 1QQ2 Excellence in Craftsmanship Awards contest. Though none of these works won a top pn'2C, each one was a finalist. For details on how to enter our 10Q3 contest, see page 2.

Lounge chair hy Hoss Day, Seal lie, WA. Cherry, silk upholstery. Dimensions: II: 33*/2 in., W: 27 in., D: 39'/^ in.

Ladder-hack armchair b) Robert Sonday, Free Union.

Three-drawer chest liv Michael Whitmore, Pisgali Forest, NC. Maple, cherry. Dimensions: II: 40 in., Ws 26 in., D: 16 in.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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