off the ends of the board and saw it in h:df, yielding a pair of bookends 674 in. long and 6/Í6 in. wide.

Lay out the l!i-in. radii on the top comers of one bookend. Then clamp both of the bookend pieces together, bandsaw the curves and sand the curves smooth.

Now, lay out four notches along the bottom edge of the tailpiece as shown in the drawing. Then clamp the tailpiece and bookend pieces together and cut the notches with a dado blade on a tablesaw. To do tills, I use an auxilian' fence on the miter gauge which also acts as a back-up board to prevent tear-out during the cuts.

The dado cutter should be set to a width of in. and a height of in., and the miter gauge should be set for a 90° cut. Cut a trial notch in some scrap stock to test the notch dimensions.

When the notches are done, rip the tailpiece to its finished width and cut 1 '¿-in. radii to match the bookends.

Assembly and Finishing

I used 1-in. drvwall screws to

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