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perfect finger joints or veneer slices as thin as ' v in. (See photo.) They're also handy as incremental stop blocks if you need to precisely index holes on the drill press or make regularly spaced cuts with the radial arm saw.

All this accuracy is great, but how useful are these jigs? To find out, and to compare the JoinTECIl and INCRA Jig brands, I took two top-of-the-line models to the American Woodworker shop and compared them on five factors. I found that though they're very similar in operation, each brand has some strong features worth noting.

Here's how they stand up.

Accuracy'. Both jigs offer exceptional accuracy, but they use different principles to position the fence. INCRA Jig relies on interlocking sawtooth nicks to provide adjustment in ifo-in. increments, while JoinTECH offers the same degree of adjustment with a 32-thread-per-in. lead screw. Each jig can also offer "micro-positioning" (an option on the INCRA Jig) to fine-tune adjustments to 0.001 in.

Ease of set-up. This round goes to the JoinTECH, but the verdict is a result of the way the two companies market their products. JoinTECH sells pre-assembled jigs (you still have to attach a fence), while INCRA Jig lets you buy jig parts in, well, increments, and assemble them to fit your needs and budget.

The piece-by-piece pricing makes the INCRA Jig a less-expensive option for the woodworker who wants to ease his way into the positioning jig business. Still, if you outfit both jigs with similar options, as I did for this lest, vou'Il see there's onlv about a $50

price difference, and you'll have to put about a half-hour into assembling the INCRA Jig and accessories.

Ease of operation. No clear winners hea*. I like the smooth movement of the JoinTECH's carriage, which rides on sealed roller bearings, but I found adjusting jig position a minor annoyance. You have to loosen a lock knob with one

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