Jointech Ipm 1 Fence System

liclow. the jig's micro-position-er, which coin«-* standard.

Jointech IpmIncremental Fence

The JoinTECH IPM-1, at left with optional

27-in. fence, stop block and stock pusher.


liclow. the jig's micro-position-er, which coin«-* standard.

ToinTECH introduced its positioning jig to the market about one and a half years ago and now

IPM-2 ($189). The only difference between the two is the range of motion. The IPM-1 will move over a 10'-in. range, while the IPM-2 extends 16Vi in.

To incrementally position either jig. loosen a lock knob and disengage a quick release nut, then slide the jig's carriage. For micro-positioning, turn the V«-in.-dia. chrome-plated screw that feeds past the quick release nut—one turn equals Wi in.

There are two aluminum fence systems available: an IH-in ($54.95) with stop block and stop extender bar. and the 27-in. with the same accessories <$~2.95). The stop block doesn't have incremental positioning as the incka Jig's does. You set it to a scale by eye. But you can adjust the front of the block up and down to contact the work, or to clear a router bit if necessary. An optional feather board that attaches to the fence slot is also available ($22.95).

JoinTECH also markets a right angle slock pusher made of polyethylene for $32.95.

Bcvond its basic instruction manu s al, JoinTECH offers a 41-page instruction book and a 36-piccc template set for $2-1.95. Two other template sets are also available at $10.95 and $14.95. Since this review, they've developed a video, loo (S12.95). JoinTECH (x>rp. Box 790727 San Antonio, TX 78279 (512)377-1288


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